November 9, 2010

Another little painting.

This week I've been getting ready for the Under 100 show.  All pictures have to be under 100 square inches and under $100 dollars.  The display will be up for about 6 weeks at the Art Gallery in Lake Country.  I'll post the flyer soon but I thought I'd show you the latest painting I just completed for the show.

Winter's Rest
5"x7" oil on stretched canvas

The photo didn't turn out too great on this one.


  1. Bonnie this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I feel the cool, refreshing wintry air and the restful feeling of the boat waiting for Spring!

  2. Very nicely done, Bonnie. Yes, there is a chill in the air. Let's pray for an early spring.

  3. How lovely, Bonnie. That is a terrific addition for your show. That is a wonderful idea for a show, under 100. I wish you much success.

  4. That's beautiful. Somehow looks very Dutch- kind of Van-Gogh-ish, or something. Can't wait to see the show.

  5. I really like this, Bonnie - very well done!