February 27, 2010

Stand Tall

Hi folks.  I'm still puttering away at the frame for the picture of my mother-in-law.  Hopefully it'll be ready for me to show you tomorrow.

I had the painting I sold at the Lake Country Art Walk last September, reproduced as a giclee and framed.  It's now for sale at Apple Art Works in Kelowna, BC.  Here's a picture of it.  Sorry the image is a little blurry.

The scene is from a look-out on Hyw.#1 west of Kamloops, BC.  This proud old tree had called to me for several years before I finally captured it in paint and now as a giclee.
Stand Tall
24"h x8"w
giclee on canvas
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  1. love the composition! wonderful painting!

  2. Hi Bonnie! Thank you for your comment. You have lovely paintings and I will visit your blog often.