February 17, 2010

Just painting.

Hi folks, it's another beautiful day in the Okanagan.

Today I'm posting an update on the portrait called "Waiting".  It's becoming a very emotional painting that is developing a personality of it's own.  I can see the anxiety in Mom's face as age took her memory and she became impatient to go Home.  Experience has taught me that every brushstroke can change an expression, so things may change.  In the meantime it's amazing to watch the transformation.

The frame is one I found at a thrift store.  I'm waiting until the painting is finished before choosing the final colour.

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  1. This is fantastic! I hope that you are not going to remove the steps! (unless you want to) I love to see the progression! The folds are wonderful. How did you do that?

  2. Thanks Myra. The folds you see in this picture are just big brush strokes that catch the tonal values. Quick and easy...the fun stuff.

  3. Good Morning - I look forward to following your blog. I don't do portraits, but I hope to learn at some point to be able to capture my mother and grandmother.
    Happy Painting - Mary Beth

  4. Hi Aunt Heather! It's funny, I didn't recognize my Oma in the second version of this picture -- maybe just because it was a little dark because of the light coming from behind in the picture. Then I saw the first version, and knew immediately that it was the "mom" of yours I knew, not the one I didn't. It is a very good likeness, really amazing. It would be neat to post it together with that coloured photo of her with her brother when they were very young -- do you know the one I mean? Waiting to live, waiting to die. I love your title, by the way, because it is not just the old who are waiting to go Home! Keep on working, your painting is a blessing! Thanks!
    Love, Rebecca.

  5. wow...this looks so much like MY Mom..it is amazing.