February 28, 2010

Go see Myra's site.

21"h x16"w
oil on canvas
Hi everyone, please take a moment and go to:  http://artofmyrajae.blogspot.com.  She makes the neatest little videos and slideshows.  Her last one has my "Bold on Brown" painting right at the beginning.  I'm so proud :D.

Well I know I said I would have my painting "Waiting" framed and ready to see  BUT I had a blooper.  I was painting the frame with my heat set oils and when I went to set the paint in the oven...IT MELTED.  Yep, you read right.  The frame was made of some kind of dense foam and it came out of the oven all warped and strange looking.  I really should post a picture of it..it's kinda artistic on it's own.

Anyway, I've decided just to post the finished painting without the frame and I'll go pick up a new frame next time I go shopping.

Until next time, I hope you have a great day and don't melt any frames.
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  1. You are soooo funny!!! Thank you for the shout out! I love this painting! You have executed it so beautifully from beginning to end! At first I thought that you melted the painting - I said Oh No! - because I read that other people also put their paintings in the oven to dry faster. You SHOULD show this frame. Put a crumpled watercolor in a melted frame. You may start something new!

  2. Love her facial expression, it goes exactly with the title. I agree you need to find some creative use for that melted frame!

  3. I would definitely say you "got her back" -- I recognized Oma right away. Thanks for this beautiful preservation of her later days.