December 31, 2009

Next year!

I've always loved planning for the future.  So many possibilities.  So much potential.

Painting is exciting at anytime but to really consider what a whole year ahead could accomplish...well it boggles my mind.

I can get impatient with the painting I'm working on because I want to start the next one.  A lot of artists work on several paintings at once.  I don't as a rule because I know I can get lax at finishing, especially once I've moved on to another project.  I've started to relax that rule in the last month by allowing myself to set the big painting aside (close by and in sight) and then painting a small, fun project like an internet challenge or a small gift for a friend or family member.  This has been fun.  I love the does slow down the progress on the big painting.  I think I'll probably do it again.

The painting in this post is one I did as part of a three part story.  I don't think this one is completely finished but I won't know until I finish the other pieces of the story.  Each piece is painted on professional quality, 20"x20" gallery wrapped canvas.

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1 comment:

  1. I love the way this painting is going. I am always changing my painting method. I wish I had a large studio because I think that I would work on 5 paintings at one time!