December 30, 2009


"Inner Light" 16"x20"Acrylic,  SOLD

Today, I'm looking back at paintings I did when I first decided to get serious as an artist.  Yes, I've definitely improved since then, but I can still feel the joy I felt when finishing those first pieces of art.  Since then I've painted flowers, landscapes, birds, animals, portraits and abstracts.
I guess the main thing I learned over the last few years is, I like change.

The picture I've included with todays post is the first painting I sold to someone I didn't know.  I'l never forget the thrill.  My bookkeeping skills were poor at the time and I lost contact with those wonderful folks.  Where ever they are, I hope they are getting as much happiness from the painting, Inner Light, as I did when they bought it.

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  1. Hi Bonnie.. :~)

    Love the flowers !
    It looks as though you have made a good start with your blog.
    I wish you much luck with it and your painting.

    All the best in the New Year.

    Frank A.

  2. I appreciate you comments, sooooo much. Thanks!