September 10, 2012

Our adventure:

Wow,  it sure is a busy time of year.  Art Walk is over and let's just say it was awesome.  Before I show you pictures from that event, I have to back track in time.

Today's blog post will show how a group of wonderful friends got together  and took my eight foot painting, called "City Lights", to a photographer friend's place to be photographed and then returned the same night.  We happen to live in an upstairs condo and own a small car so when a friend offered his pickup we thanked him and prayed for good weather.  Other folks found out what we were doing and showed up to help, wow, I feel so blessed.  They put the painting into the back of the pickup and while three fellows stood beside it to keep it from falling, the owner of the truck drove us slowly to the photographer. What an adventure!

The photographer, who is VERY famous for his quality work, invited me into his home that was in the process of being built.  He and his gracious wife were exhausted and hadn't even taken time to eat yet and it was already 9 pm.  They insisted they still wanted to do this for me and welcomed all of us into their fantastic new home. 

Below are some pictures of our time in their home: 

My sweetheart was order by our hostess to stretch out and rest after his recent emergency room visit.

The photographer and I (he's such a great guy)

I'm checking to see if he knows what he's doing. lol

Thank you
-to those who helped that night
-to those who fed us when we were out of commission
-those who brought flowers and cards
-and all those who took the time, to visit, email or phone, to see how we were doing. 


  1. Wow, Bonnie, this is amazing!
    Life is amazing, isn't it!

  2. You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family, Bonnie. And? Your painting looks truly stunning!

  3. Unbelievable, Bonnie! You can see how big this painting is...and isn't it great to know that there's still so many wonderful people out there to be helping!