September 14, 2012

Art Walk

This is an art show I look forward to all year.  It's huge and the people come to look at art...only art.  There are dancers and musicians performing in every room and building.  Flags fly over the sidewalks to show you where the next building with art is located.  The amount of work put into planning and putting on this magnificent event is fantastic and I am so grateful.  What a wonderful group of volunteers.

7000 to 8000 people go through and look at my paintings!  My head is swollen right out of shape by all the kind comments.  This year was unusually exciting with people making a special effort to come and see my painting "City Lights".  

My booth:


  1. fantastic bonnie! i'm glad you were well enough to go to the show! with all those people it looks like a fabulous one! glad you have a good time. your painting looks fantastic hanging there! I like the flowers too! your top photo would make a great one on those people looking at art paintings! can't wait for the next details!

  2. It sure was great to see "City Lights" for real! Such a great show again this year.

  3. What a fabulous show and that is a ton of visitors! So glad you had a great day, Bonnie, and that huge 'tych looks amazing.

  4. I wish I could be one of those people enjoying your paintings...City Lights looks fantastic.!