January 19, 2012

Boy, is it cold outside...

Brrrr... Our area is in a deep-freeze.  This is a great reason to stay home and paint.  Below are the first three panels toward the BIG one.  The top panel will be almost straight Ultra Marine Blue that's been darkened a bit.  I didn't show it because I ran out of that colour just before it was done.  If it warms up and I venture outside, I'll go to the store and pick up some more paint.  Then I'll post the whole first side of the 4 foot x 8 foot painting.  

Meanwhile I've also been working on a large painting of some Black-eyed Susan's. They're one of my favourite flowers. The trouble I'm having with this project is that I wanted to make it a little abstract with very pale colours.... I couldn't do it.  So now I'm busy painting over all the flowers in a more realistic colour...not exact but far from abstract.  I guess I'm an impressionist at heart.  I'll post it soon... I hope.

Have a great week.


  1. Impressionism is good. So is painting to keep warm. It's supposed to warm up in the next few days; stay toasty til then!

  2. Wow Bonnie, I find it amazing the piece you are doing with the panels... wow again!
    To have a master plan like that, so cool.
    Hope you get to venture out soon!

  3. Painting abstract is much more difficult than it seems, isn't it? I try but haven't quite got the grasp of it yet. It's good that you can just paint over what you did and start over again!

  4. Wow Bonnie! That large piece is coming along so beautifully!! You must be so proud of how it is going - I know I am! I just can't do abstract at all. I really don't care for it as a style of painting and would never buy a piece. Of course, never say "never," right? Can't wait to see the flowers!

  5. Ma chère Bonnie, je suis heureuse de pouvoir admirer la progression de votre toile. Un travail fantastique...
    J'ai hâte de voir la suite.
    Gros bisous

  6. I am SO impressed with this project of yours...you're doing an amazing job, Bonnie, and I look forward to your next piece!! This is a great time to stay home...stay warm and of course, Paint!

  7. I am excited about your project. You are off to a great start and am looking forward to following it.