March 8, 2011

Lots on the go but nothing done.

I have a 6"x6" pansy, a 11"x14" landscape and my 4'x6' painting that seems to be all leaves, on the go, but nothing finished to show you on this blog post.

The Mastering Color course I'm taking, has me mixing all my colours of paint.  This gives me a greater appreciation for what the paint will do but it sure does leave me with a lot of brushes to clean.  The colour charts I have afterwards make it worth while though... a lot less mixing time needed now. 

My drawing courses have been more reading and looking at pictures then actual drawing. This week coming, I can see a lot of work scheduled in the practice department. 

The picture I've posted is one I painted back when I used acrylics, about seven years ago.  A limited edition giclee of it will be auctioned at the Willow Park Youth Missions Auction on Sunday night at seven.  I hope they have a good turn out. 


  1. Très jolie peinture... Il s'entendrait parfaitement bien avec mon "Léo"...

  2. Bonnie, this is a gorgeous painting. I hope that they have a fabulous turnout too. I admire your tenacity with teaching yourself new things.

  3. Love your bird.....I'm still struggling a bit with feathers but I'll get there. How nice to have one of your works auctioned off.

  4. Oh show us the color charts !!
    I've done some but it could be an endless thing.
    Maybe write abut the color class, it's interesting.

  5. I am sure this one will sell really well...It is lovely.

  6. Beautiful painting.. 7 years ago, well done!

  7. I suspect looking at this that you should be giving acrylic another period of use. It is very well done.