October 29, 2010

Before and After painting


In my last post I mentioned my tendency to add paint to pictures on my wall. Well the Christmas show at our local Art Gallery is less than a couple weeks away. It's an under 100 show. Under a hundred dollars and under a hundred square inches. I'm excited that my work got juried in but I'm not getting as many paintings ready for it as I planned. My solution is to rework some paintings on my wall that just weren't up to snuff.

Above is a hummingbird painting I did as a challenge for James Parker's blog back in the spring. Below it is the new and improved version. It may not look better because of the photo but I think it is. The plain blue background of the first one gave it a paint by number look.




  1. Nicely done, Bonnie. I like the red to the top of his head too. Wishing you the best.

  2. The new background looks much better. Good luck and lots of sells at your show!

  3. Hope you sell lots of paintings, good luck!

  4. Good luck Bonnie, looks amazing!

  5. i love the addition of the clouds! i couldn't see the difference until you pointed it out! it's even more fantastic!