January 8, 2013

January's Painting Complete?

It's done!  I think.  

While this new January 2013 painting dries enough to be varnished, I have to come up with a name for it.  In the meantime it hangs on my wall where I can enjoy it.  My large landscapes never seem to stay around long so I appreciate my time with each one.  I paint what I enjoy and I sell them so that others can as well. It always thrills me to know that my paintings, that took so much of my time to create, are now hanging in homes all over the world. What an honour these collectors bestow on me by displaying my art.  Thank you.

Photo is missing a lot of the subtle colours.  
30"h x 24"w oil on board

If you feel inspired and can give me some ideas for its new name...let me know.


  1. Beautiful painting, cool colours.............
    but I see a lot of depth in it, both in feeling and viewing. I first thought of cold but soon changed to feeling strength and firmness and stability coming from the tree and then the whole
    scene. The tree is standing strong as the guardian of the lake.

  2. A very beautiful painting and you are so like me. I always love to hang a painting before selling it. It is a marvellous feeling that others wish to own your work well done.

  3. What a stunning job you did of moonlight on snow! Gorgeous sky too and I just am a tree hugger from way back. I find this piece just gorgeous, Bonnie.

  4. Wow. Major wow.
    How about "Sentinel"?

  5. beautiful, beautiful painting! i am so bad with titles! what a beauty!

  6. Beautiful. The word that came to me was 'winter whisper'
    I took some amazing photos of ice details in Mission Creek which I will post soon.