June 11, 2012

I'm baaaack....

So what's been happening...

  I worked pretty steady on the commission I was doing and it is now delivered and at the framers. It was a fun but nerve wracking experience... I'll post the painting after the wedding it is a gift for.

  I have three paintings in a Federation of Canadian Artist show.  The venue is the Rotary Centre for the Arts in downtown Kelowna. If you're in the area, stop in and see the show. It's on for the month of June.

  ...and now I'm back working on my eight foot painting.  It's great working on it.  It was probably good to have a couple months away from it.  Now it seems fresh and exciting again. I can't wait to finish another row so I can show you how it's coming along.

Today's post has photos of the three paintings I put in the Rotary sale.

Have an awesome day!



  1. Hi Bonnie, good to see your blog back up...sounds like you are a busy artist. Good for you...paint, paint, paint...love to see what is new.

  2. Glad you're back Bonnie!! It sounds like you've been SO busy...I look forward to some future works! Love that gorgeous rose!!!

  3. hey bonnie . . . glad to see your work and read about your art adventures! Wonderful paintings . . . I especially love the rose painting - the colors and the details are just beautiful! Keep us posted!

  4. My favourite is the rose painting, beautifully done!