April 2, 2012

My new "Splash of Colour" series:

Hi friends, I'm still feeling a bit rough with this virus but I am improving.

Today's blog post picture is of something new I started.  When I'm working on a big project, the paint spread all over my glass palette is scraped to the edge and mixed together to make a grey that goes with well the project I'm working on.  After the second day, I scrape it into a pile and then use my palette knife to spread it thickly on a small canvas I bought for this purpose. Right now I put it on in the shape of a daisy. After a few days when the paint is thick enough, I let it dry and then paint it.  It's a easy project that gives me a fun distraction after working hard on something big.

 I'm calling it my "Splash of Colour" series.

6" x6" on gallery wrapped canvas
the petals go down the edge of the painting as well

Have a great day everyone.


  1. I find this to be a new favorite, Bonnie. The texture is just amazing and the composition is both simple and bold at the same time. Gorgeous color too!

  2. What a marvellous idea. Sadly I work with acrylic so do not get enough time to do that the paint dries so fast.

  3. hey bonnie - i love your new series and i love the colors and textures of this one too! do you know what has been on my mind lately? it's time to work on my 'bonnie at the beach series'!! feel better!!!