March 25, 2012

The Big painting grew again...

Friday we went canoeing even though the ice has only been off the lake for a week or so.  When we got back we used the barbecue to make hamburgers.  It was so much fun pretending it was summer...

Yesterday, I had an open house for some neighbours who wanted to see my progress on the BIG painting. Today another couple are coming to see it as well.  Since it's four foot by four foot I can't leave it spread out on the living room floor anymore :).  The last row isn't quite finished but it's far enough along to show the scene.  I'll post another picture each time I finish another row of four panels.

Here it is at the Half done stage.  I will be adding the people at the end.


  1. This is looking fabulous, Bonnie!! I love when you do these projects. Your first was so very spectacular! This one runs close behind.

  2. this looks super fantastic! i love watching it 'grow'!

  3. Oh wow, this is looking great! Way to go.

    And you had better have worn three layers of life jackets in that canoe (); we've had enough people falling into icey waters this winter!

  4. this is such an amazing project, Bonnie! I've never seen anything like this before...very unique. It's interesting to see what's going to be added next.....

  5. Oh Bonnie! I'm so glad I visited your blog! This project is so unique and so awesome, I simply had to go back to see it's origination! Yes - enjoyed the posts and paintings on my way back to January! You have accomplished a lot in a short time! Guess the cold snowy days do help keep one in the studio! Like Hilda, I'm waiting to see what's next!