November 29, 2011

Painting can be Worship

I was asked if I would paint, at the front of our church, during worship.  Yikes!  I said okay, and they told me the theme of the service would be "Joy" and to paint what brings me joy.  That would be pansies of course. I just have to look at them and I smile.  Unfortunately, the person organizing the event, called the night before the service and said they had made a mistake and the theme would be "Hope" not "Joy".

I love change, but I'm not good at painting something I haven't given a lot thought to and I'm definitely not a painting-a-day artist. Hmmm... Pansies are one of the first garden flowers for sale in the spring.  To me they say that winter is over and the warm summer breezes will soon be here. I think that Pansies are a perfect symbol of hope.  I'm not sure if anyone else caught that but it didn't matter.  I had a wonderful time painting to the awesome worship music coming from the band on stage and I look forward to doing it every Sunday of advent. 

My ten minute Pansy.  I posted it at a distance so you see what the congregation saw and not the sloppy details up close.  16"x20"acrylic on stretched canvas.


  1. Wow, that must have put the pressure on you, Bonnie. I doubt I could have done it!
    Great pansie and I'm sure it was a wonderfully different service.

  2. It truly was a picture of "Hope" and "Joy" in the midst of growth into Spring and Winter ...thanks for sharing your gift with our Lake Country Church - we are blessed to have you worship with us!!

  3. Wow Bonnie, I'm impressed!
    Beautiful work!
    Wow....aren't pansies always hoping for sunshine? And nice weather? Hope! Yes! You nailed it!

  4. My friend said she saw you up there doing it! And she thought that was really cool.
    Joy, hope - what's the difference? Hope without joy isn't hope, and vice versa. Pansy fits, either way. :)

  5. It is beautiful, Bonnie. I love your thoughts to go with this lovely painting too.

  6. Beautiful and such a spiritual experience. Art lets the feelings flow from within - love it.

  7. Une très pensée... Et une gentille pensée pour vous!
    Gros bisous

  8. very nice post...thank you so much for sharing...Blessings soraya