September 30, 2011

Back to routine, and it feels good...

Hello everyone,
I'm diligently working at my pansy collection, hoping to be ready for the Christmas shows.  Here's the one I'm working on.  These are those cute little ones that come back to us every spring.

It's amazing how a change in background colour can make a difference. Take a peek at my last blog post to see the difference in the one below.  I think I'll buy some of these for my garden next year... so unique.

My VIP mention today is another blogger who doesn't post often but when he does, it's really interesting.  Go see Larry Kassell's art blog.


  1. The pansies are so cute - they'll make a great showing for Under100!
    A friend of mine & I were at the Art Gallery this morning, and we were specifically admiring your music piece in there. :)

  2. That deeper brown is so much richer and just makes that orange pansy pop! Beautiful, Bonnie!