February 10, 2011

Drawing an egg isn't easy.

Hi everyone.  Yesterday's drawing lesson was to draw an egg.  This is really starting to stretch my ability.  I keep telling myself all this fun torture will improve my painting and... I think, I believe myself?  Anyway, here's my finished project.  Sorry for the poor quality photo...just one of those days.

I'm really close to finishing a couple paintings so I'll have something with colour to post very soon.


  1. I've been told by other artists that you can still paint well without being the best at drawing but I personally don't believe it is true. You keep doing what you are doing, Bonnie. Your pencil works are lovely and can only make your already beautiful art sing. I like the eggs. Once I had a drawing assignment and we had to draw a golf ball, divots, shading, everything. I still remember that assignment with fondness.

  2. Nice job! You are very talented. I love drawing and I believe it does help in the painting side of things too.

  3. Look forward to the new paintings but I love also this lesson that to get where you are at takes continual practice.

  4. Great drawing Bonnie, makes me want a hard boiled egg.
    I love hard boiled eggs... I love eggs... mmm...