December 2, 2010

All set up and ready to start.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was switching from Genesis to water soluble oils.  I'm also moving back to the diningroom to paint, now that our condo isn't listed anymore.  Having all my stuff right out in the middle of everything isn't very pretty but it's brighter and right under my nose so I'm more inclined to get to it.  Fortunately I have a very patient husband who encourages all my inclinations. 

A few years ago Hugh built me this hide-away drawer that pulls out from under the counter that divides the kitchen from the diningroom. The first drawer pulls out 32", then the drawer under that pulls out another 22" and then another drawer pulls out the front giving me another 16" to store things. When needed the whole thing can be pushed in and hidden away under the cupboard.  

This post is dedicated to my friend, Myra who is always asking to see my studio.  


  1. of course! i was drawn right to this photo! funny i am cleaning up my studio right now to get ready to ' work? yours looks so beautiful and neat! hugh did a great job! let me know how you like the paints. take pictures when you get them and when you start your first painting with them! stay safe in the snow!

  2. That's a terrific set up. I am painting in the dining room also and I have things stuck behind the curtains and every nook and cranny. I don't like clutter or looking at a mess so I've tried to disguise it the best I can. Thanks for sharing this post:)

  3. Great spot, Bonnie. I find I paint less since moving out into the studio than I did when I worked out of the dining area in my kitchen beside the computer. One thing I don't like about my studio is the ceiling fan. It bothers my vertigo a bit when I have to use it. I suppose I'll adapt in time. Enjoy your new paints. Can't wait to hear what you think about them.

  4. I have also branched out into the dining room, lol. I love the storage your husband made you, pretty cool. I hope you like your new paints and I can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  5. Hi Bonnie!
    Water soluble oils, I have a friend that uses them. I tried them with her one day last April. At first a little getting used to, but with time and patience they work pretty well! Good luck!

    Of course, it was an apple!

  6. Dear Bonnie,
    Wow, great set up! Unfamiliar media is challenging. I sincerely hope everything goes well for you.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  7. Je n'ai jamais employé les huiles à l'eau, un ami oui et il aime ça...
    Votre mari est généreux de vous avoir installé un tel endroit.
    En ce qui me concerne il m'était difficile de travailler au sein de la maison familiale. Je parvenais à peindre mais pas à créer. J'avais besoin de concentration. Les bruits de la maison en agitation me nuisaient... Téléphone, rires des enfants... Aussi maintenant j'ai mon atelier au fond du jardin...

  8. wonderful idea on the counter drawers!!! I was just remembering the other day when I started college at age 17..eons ago! I cleared out a corner by the wall shelves in our dark, dank basement for a place to paint. I used our old stove that Dad had put there in the corner to store my canvas and paper inside on the oven racks. and I cleared a space next to the tomato sauce cans and pickles for my paint and brushes. We make do as artists! Now I feel perfectly indulgent with my rented studio space in a wonderful building with 40+ other artists. The downside is I have to drive to it..27 miles..something you don't have to do with your dining room studio!!! have a great day!