August 11, 2010

New Painting

Wow, it's so nice to come home and be welcomed by so many awesome blogger friends from all over the world.  You guys truly made my day.... thanks!

Here's my latest project.  It's very similar to "I think I can...  I think I can..." but I hope to paint it a little looser.  This little boy is feeding the pigeons in a downtown park.  He's the grandson of a good friend.  Once again I saw the picture on facebook and asked if I could paint him.

I'm rushing to go to work right now but will check in with each of you as soon as I get home.  Have a great day.

Bonnie Heather


  1. wonderful subject matter and composition. this painting is going to be great!

  2. The composition is excellent.. will be a stunner when completed..

  3. Absolutely looking fabulous, Bonnie!

  4. So good to hear from you again I have been missing you.